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SHANGHAI HANYUN INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD. provides limited-edition handkerchiefs for you:

1Our products are 100% cotton material. It will be a little shrinking when it is washed at first time, but please don’t worry about it, it is normal and won’t affect the quality. (Reminds: if the handkerchief contains TC material, it will not shrinking and stay the same as before.)

2During making products, our company use the pure natural dyeing materials. We never use any kind of chemical materials which is harmful to skin to reduce the cost. We make sure that our handkerchiefs are truly environmentally friendly and of good quality.

3To be sure that every handkerchief is the exquisite one, every process of products must  pass the check and we will dry the handkerchief after printed process.

4The minimum order quantity is 50 pieces.The lager the quantity is, the cheaper the price will be. We can communicate with each other about the details face to face.

5Packing: plastic bag, paper bag, plastic box, paper box, carry bag (extra cost is needed).

6Transportation Expense: more than 100 pieces are free.

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