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SHANGHAI HANYUN INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO. LTD. is an innovative business specializing in handkerchiefs, scarves, bandanas, napkins, microfiber, towels, fabric and some relevant gifts designing and manufacturing. Our company is located in Shanghai — China’s central hub of economy, finance, trade and shipping. With environmental consciousness in mind, we make use of the latest manufacturing technology to produce high-quality, environmentally friendly products. In addition, we have partnerships with world renowned brands producing China’s boutique handkerchief.
SHANGHAI HANYUN INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO. LTD. designs and makes a large variety of handkerchiefs. There are the Neonatal Series (for new born baby less than 1year old); Princess and Prince Series (for child 2-8 years old); Ladies and Gentlemen series; Commerce and Gift Series; Festival, Culture creativity, Constellation series; and Advertisement and Souvenir Series. We also produce custom design handkerchiefs tailored to customer needs. As an example, we have designed logo handkerchiefs for banks, insurance companies and tourism agencies and more.
Our products have been exported around the world to United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Japan, Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and so on. Our company upholds the principle of trust and people-oriented mentality; we strive to infuse elegance and personalized style with environmentally friendly products that are of the highest quality standard.
Come back, little handkerchief! Let hundreds and thousands of plants and lives revive and recuperate in thousands and thousands of flying handkerchiefs, and turn the handkerchiefs into the messengers and symbols of ecological civilization, flying into every family.



 Theme: Environmental Protection

Structure: The design is a tree trunk in the form of the letter H, which stands for the Chinese character HUAN is first Chinese character of the Chinese word 环保,which stands for environmental protectionand 邗(HAN comes from our company’s name HANYUN 邗韵),and the white letter Y on the green leaf means 韵(YUN, the second of the Chinese characters in 邗韵).

Meaning: Let’s protect trees, protect the environment and the earth, live a green life and build a beautiful green home together, starting with little things, starting with you and me

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